Online Complete Test Preparation for NEET

This is a comprehensive Test Preparatory package targeted towards NEET,
which includes all the following:

Online All India Test Series

Topic wise Online Tests

  • Topic wise online practice test from class XI & XII syllabus.
  • Instant Score.
  • Hints & Solutions.
  • Syllabus

Previous 10 Years Test Papers 

  • Instant Score
  • Performance Analysis
  • Hints & Solutions

Fee Stucture
Class Course Fees (Rs.)
XII / XIII Online Complete Test Prep (CTP) 6500
XII / XIII Topic wise Online Tests 3000
XII / XIII Online Test Series 3500
XI (2 yr.) Online Test Series 4500
XI Only Online Test Series 2500

AIR-18 (Gen.) in NEET-2019

Helped lot particularly in Physics & Chemistry.
Physics covered all level examples,
which helped to build on concepts to
much higher level. Similarly chemistry
also structured very well. 

HARSHVI | Reso Roll No.: 17601859
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